Real Estate Online Marketing Plan – Part 6 – How to Use a Free Follow-Up System to Get More Leads

You’ve learned that with email addresses captured from website visitors you can put in an automatic email follow-up system. You’ve learned that the majority of website visitors who give you emails and become part of this follow-up system will eventually become your customers.

Wow. It’s like a marketer’s dream come true. Actually, it IS a marketer’s dream come true.

Here’s why:

1. You don’t have to spend any time with an email follow-up system. Once it’s set up right, you forget about it and just answer phone calls from all the prospects calling you. (We can load in 52 emails in the system so every new visitor gets a different email from you every week for a year, automatically.)

2. It’s free. Again, once it’s set up, your emails are sent out without any cost whatsoever. Given the prices of stamps and stationery, this is important. Plus it frees up marketing budget dollars for other things that are effective.

3. It’s automatic. By this I mean: you can’t mess it up by not doing what you’re supposed to do.

OK, I know how it works: you’re supposed to make follow-up calls and mail follow-up letters, and send newsletters to your “list.” But it doesn’t always happen does it?

Why is it that we always seem to find a dozen other things to do when we’re supposed to be following up with prospects?

Well, don’t worry about it. Now you can have your follow-up machine do all the dirty-work for you. And it never makes excuses or finds something else to do instead of sending your newsletters and emails.

If you do only one thing with a website, capture visitor emails. If you do only one internet marketing activity, make it this: put in an automatic email follow-up system.

If you do it right you could be the laziest millionaire Realtor the world has ever seen.