4 Best Content Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Wholesalers

What are the best content marketing strategies for those wholesaling properties?

There are many wholesaling marketing channels for real estate investors today. Many work, but content marketing is becoming increasingly important and valuable for wholesaling houses and generating real estate leads.

Many real estate investment companies flipping houses are seeing great results from direct mail, email marketing, cold calling, PPC advertising through Google AdWords, Craigslist ads and various guerrilla marketing efforts. These are powerful wholesaling marketing methods and make a solid part of a well-rounded marketing mix. Yet, no one can deny that a variety of emerging changes is also making it crystal clear that a good content strategy cannot be ignored either.

So what are some of the best content tactics for wholesaling CEOs to engage in today?

1. Blogging

Blogging has been repeatedly recommended to wholesaling CEOs for the last couple of years, though while proving incredibly profitable for many the majority has still failed to embrace it fully. This is tragic considering the long term benefits and high ROI it delivers, while holding the potential to drive in high quality traffic and leads in the short term.

2. Guest Blogging

While on-page blogging can develop as being the heart of a real estate company’s business, off-page guest blogging on other people’s and company’s blogs can be equally as important. This is even more true as results from email marketing and other link building efforts are buffeted by ongoing Google changes. Done right guest blogging improves SEO and search engine rankings long term, helps drive in leads in the short term, increases visibility and bolsters investor’s trusted expert status. So look for relevant, high quality blogs, online magazines and news sites that will accept your content.

3. Social Media

Most investors are well aware of the need and reported advantages of engaging in social media, but few still recognize just how important it is, or are doing very well at it. Just having profiles and posting the odd retweet or ad isn’t going to cut it. This is about content and that means original and interesting content are demanded. Ask questions, run contests, link to blog posts, highlight your successes, and find out how you can help others in your network.

4. Press Releases

While potentially one of the most powerful forms of wholesaling marketing for improving branding, positioning and driving in web traffic commanding their own media with press releases still continues to be sorely neglected by many wholesaling CEOs. Check out the variety of free and low cost options out there today for dramatically improving visibility and credibility.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: How It Changes, With Changing Times?

Most of us, have lived through, a variety of real estate markets, from a buyers, to a sellers market, to, what many consider, a normal, balanced market. Sometimes, this occurs, over an extended period of time, and often, we witness, changes occur, without much notice. For example, in the last year, or two, we have gone through, a strong, sellers market, where there were more qualified, potential buyers, than, homes, for sale, on the market. After, over a year, of ever – escalating, home prices, combined with little available inventory, we, then, observed, a little cooling, and more of a balanced situation. Many factors are involved, including: perceptions (buyer and seller); local area; overall economy, local economy; interest rates and availability of mortgage monies, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some recommended, marketing strategies, for a variety of circumstances and conditions.

1. Sellers Market: When inventory of houses, for sale, is extremely limited, and conditions, are such, where many qualified buyers, are seeking a home, there are two possible strategies, which might be most effective. One, which, we see, most often, is pricing the house’s price, in the highest range, believing that the number of buyers, will bring, a higher price. Another possibility, especially for a homeowner, who wishes to market/ sell his home, in the shortest, possible, period, is to price, the house, on the lower end of the real estate market. When this strategy is used, it often, brings, far more views, and action, and we often witness a bidding war. I did this with a client of mine, during this past, recent market, and received 22 over – asking price, offers, in the first weekend, and the house sold, for more than fifteen percent, over the listing price. Sellers should interview potential agents, and discuss, marketing strategies, and which might work, best, for a specific property!

2. Buyers Market: When there is more inventory, than qualified buyers, we often, witness a buyers market. Obviously, in these circumstances, the best approach, is to conservatively, use, a Competitive Market Analysis, in determining the listing price. Remember, in the vast number of instances, the best offers come, in the first few weeks, after it’s been listed, so, those who price the house, too aggressively, often suffer. Price the house, right, from the start!

3. Balanced Market: When neither side, experiences, a significant advantage, over another, we see, a balanced market. In these instances, smart pricing, and accentuating a property’s strengths, against the competition, in the local area, is a necessity, for success!

A wise homeowner, interviews potential agents, and hires, the one, who has the vision, and understanding, to use a strategy, which works, best, for the particular property. Since, for most, their house represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t that make sense?